Boone Wiseman
Production Information
First episode: "North Pole Down"
Latest episode: "At the End of the Worlds"
Voiced by: Adam DeVine
Character Information
Other names: The Boonster (Himself)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 15[1]
Occupation: Middleburg Central High student
Part-time wise man (formerly)
Residence: Wiseman family's house, Middleburg
Relatives: Mr. Wiseman (father)
Mrs. Wiseman (mother)
Friends: Penn Zero
Sashi Kobayashi
Enemies: Rippen
Love interests: Princess Alrgelbaccch Blunkenthorttthhhph (formerly)
Likes: Fun
Dislikes: Water (formerly)
Public speaking (formerly)
You know flip flops are my thang.

–Boone Wiseman, "Temple of the Porcelain God"

Boone Wiseman[2] is Penn Zero's friend, a student at Middleburg Central High, and a part-time wise man.


Boone is tall and broad with brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears a black baseball cap with the bill pointed backwards, and he has braces. He also wears sleeveless shirt with pale green stripes, camouflage cargo shorts, and black flip-flops.


As the wise man of Penn Zero's team, it should be noted that a majority of Boone's other dimensional forms consist of characters who poses high intelligence or characters that poses a higher power.

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Boone comes from a family of part-time wise men.


Boone is easygoing, optimistic, and imaginative. He loves to have fun and come up with unusual, crazy ideas. He doesn't often think his actions through or act responsibly, leading to him making some situations worse. He enjoys doing his own thing, though it often affects his focus on the mission and how helpful he is. He can be rude, inconsiderate, and stubborn, but he usually means well and comes through for others when they need him.

Despite being full of creativity and passion, Boone isn't always confident in his skills and what people will think about them, admitting that he knows he isn't a very good wise man. Although usually relying on Penn and Sashi to figure things out, Boone occasionally has clever and useful ideas that help him and/or his friends in a situation.


Penn Zero

Screenshot 2017-08-11-20-10-33

Boone and Penn playing air banjo in "The Old Old West".

Boone easily says that he loves his best friend, and they have a great time goofing off with each other. Sometimes they don't get along as well, like when they're competing for the Princess's love in "That Purple Girl". Or when Penn gets upset at him in "The Fast and the Floor Rugs" and calls him a load, upsetting Boone, but recognizing some truth in Penn's words, he tricks Rippen and speedily thinks of a trick to save Penn from being annihilated. Constantly, Boone warmly accepts Penn's apologies and makes amends if he needs to. He is thankful for how much Penn believes in him when Boone has to face his fears. Just as Penn is always helping him, Boone gives Penn advice once in a while and cares for his safety and success.

Sashi Kobayashi

Being friends with Sashi, Boone is easily scared by her aggression, but he likes spending time with her. However, his easygoing and passionate personality sometimes clashes with Sashi's no-nosense and very driven personality. He accuses her of being mean and finds her annoyance with him and Penn aggravating in "The Princess Most Fair". When Sashi laments she feels left out of Penn and Boone's close bond, however, Boone injects that she makes them a great team of three. In "Flurgle Burgle", Boone blames Sashi for Penn's fusion with the Flurgle, but as soon as he realizes how bad she feels about the situation, he reassures her that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. He genuinely cares for her, telling Penn about Sashi's parents not knowing her true job and teaming up with him to make her a congratulatory Flurgle cake.


Boone sees Rippen as an enemy, but he mostly isn't terrified of him. Instead, he'll comment on Rippen's choices and sometimes makes fun of him. He even tricks him in "The Fast and the Floor Rugs" by encouraging him to mess up his three wishes, the third wish's failure saving Penn from being annilihated. Rippen revealing that he actually is very fond of Pigoilet in "The Princess Most Fair" pleases Boone, yet is disappointed that Rippen won't change his grade.


While Larry is Boone's enemy, Boone and Larry get along well and, when together, often bounce off of each other's zany personality and thoughts. In "Flurgle Burgle", he is surprised at how powerful Larry's kick is and criticizes Larry's choice in adding a second row of chairs, finding Rippen and Larry's disagreement over it amusing.


Boone likes Phyllis, albeit horrified by some of the things she does, like making helmet masks of the heroes' faces. He appreciates Phyllis giving them crowns and juice boxes for their best mission yet in "Temple of the Porcelain God", but his opinion changes once he finds out she dressed up as him and went to his family's house for meatloaf night.

Mr. Wiseman and Mrs. Wiseman

Boone's relationship with his parents is not fully known, but when it comes to his mother, he cherishes her cooking, and considers buying her a pepper shaker for her birthday while he and Penn are hiding from zombies in "Brainzburgerz".



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