Brock Zero
Brock Zero
Production Information
First episode: "North Pole Down"
Latest episode: "At the End of the Worlds"
Voiced by: Gary Cole
Character Information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Part-time hero
Part-time sidekick (formerly)
Residence: Most Dangerous World Imaginable
Middleburg (formerly)
Relatives: Vonnie Zero (wife)
Penn Zero (son)
Chuck (brother)
Rose (sister-in-law)
Friends: Phyllis
Enemies: Rippen

Brock Zero is Penn Zero's father, Vonnie Zero's husband, a part-time hero, and former part-time sidekick.[1] Because of Rippen, he is currently trapped in the "Most Dangerous World Imaginable" dimension with Vonnie.[2]


Brock is at an average height, muscular, and has blond hair, a beard, and cyan eyes. He wears a white shirt with a purple, green, and brown-striped tie, green pants, and black shoes.


Brock is brave and kind. When it comes to facing trouble, Brock is tough and bold. However, he is also loving, caring deeply for and supporting his family. He enjoys giving Penn advice, though also being open to saying things that embarrass him. He also hates sitting still, being passionate and aggressive.


Vonnie Zero

Brock loves his wife, and both work together as a great, skilled team.

Penn Zero

Loving his son, Brock enjoys hanging out with him (or getting to talk to him via MUHU after getting trapped) and giving him advice. Not wanting Penn to worry about being a part-time hero for most of his childhood, he and Vonnie kept their legacy a secret until the time was right. Brock likes to tease his son, or he unknowingly reveals embarrassing information about him to his friends. While knowing that Penn is in good hands and excelling as a part-time hero, Brock misses him and hopes to reunite with him soon, along with hoping that nothing bad happens to him.


Brock and Phyllis get along well, having worked together for a long time. Phyllis is searching for him and Vonnie in the multiverse.


Brock does not seem particularly fond of his brother Chuck, asking Penn to make sure Chuck didn't use his toilet in "Zap One" and immediately getting upset at Chuck when he finds out that his chinchilla broke the QPC for the Multi-Universe Transprojector.


Brock doesn't like Rippen, who trapped him and Vonnie in "Zap One" and nearly killed or trapped his son on a few occasions. He knows how to deal with him, however, like in "Rip-Penn", when he cries in order to make him laugh and revert back to Penn before time runs out.

Sashi and Boone

Brock likes Sashi and Boone. In "Balls!", Brock suggests that Sashi compliments Penn on how handsome he is as a ball, much to Penn's embarrassment and annoyance.


Season 1


  • A lot of Brock's physical features passed on to Penn, including his eye color, eyebrow shape, nose, and teeth.
  • In "Rip-Penn", it's revealed that he and Vonnie know Rippen.
    • "Zap One" later reveals that Rippen is the cause of them getting trapped, although it is unknown how.


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