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Fish Stick on a Stick
Type: Restaurant

Multi-Universe Transprojector

Owner: Phil
First episode: "North Pole Down"
Latest episode: "At the End of the Worlds"

Fish Stick on a Stick is a restaurant next to The Odyssey in Middleburg that holds the Multi-Universe Transprojector for the part-time villains.

It is destroyed in At the End of the Worlds along with The Odyssey.


  • Rippen (formerly at the end of the final episode)
  • Larry (formerly at the end of the final episode)


Season 1


  • Because Sashi's parents aren't part-time heroes, Sashi tells them that she works at Fish Stick on a Stick.
  • Old Man Middleburg goes to Fish Stick on a Stick for food, as seen in "The Ripple Effect" and "The QPC".
    • He is upset when Phil says that Chuck is his best customer over him in the latter episode.