Christmas dimension
The North Pole is a dimension of Santa's workshop. It appears in "North Pole Down".


It's the night before Christmas, and Rippen and Larry, as gingerbread men, trap the elves with their gingerbread army to prevent Christmas from happening. Penn, Sashi, and Boone attempt to stop Rippen before a blizzard occurs at midnight.


  • Santa Claus (replaced by Penn)
  • Elves (an elf replaced by Sashi)
  • Reindeer (a reindeer replaced by Boone)
  • The Snowman
  • Gingerbread men (two gingerbread men replaced by Rippen and Larry)
  • Yeti


  • Workshop: the place where toys are made.
  • Launchpad: the top of a hill for the sleigh and reindeer to be sent off.


  • This dimension is somehow connected to the normal world, as Santa delivers Penn's MUHU to him for Christmas.