"North Pole Down"
Season 1, Episode 1
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Prod. Code: 104
Premiered: December 5, 2014
Story by:
  Jared Bush and Sam Levine
Written by:
  Jeff Poliquin
Storyboard by:
  Joseph S. Scott and Heiko Drengenberg
Directed by:
  Adam Henry and Tom De Rosier
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"North Pole Down" is the series premiere, a Christmas special, the first double-length special episode, and the first episode of the first season of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. It premiered as a preview for the series on December 5, 2014 on Disney XD and December 12, 2014 on Disney Channel.


Feeling down about his first Christmas without his parents, Penn wants to avoid the holidays altogether but is zapped to the North Pole to save Christmas as Santa Claus himself.


Penn (as a knight), Sashi (as an elf), and Boone (as a wizard) were in the knight dimension looking for a magic sword. Penn attempted and failed to retrieve the sword from different stones, only for Rippen to appeared riding on a dragon and take the magic sword, which had been stuck in a couch. As Rippen flew back to the castle, Boone used magic to sent a catapult speeding with Penn and Sashi on tow, avoiding goblins and arrows. Sashi catapulted towards the castle and broke the tower that Rippen and his dragon were seated on, causing them to fall and lose the sword. Penn reclaimed the sword, used his shield as a surfboard, and returned the magic sword to its rightful place in the castle. The kingdom was brought back to good, and Penn and the team triple fist-pumped before being zapped back by the MUT.

Penn woke up on Christmas Eve and looked out the window when it looks like it's snowing. However, it was actually Sashi attacking a stuffed deer on his roof. She explained to Penn that she didn't trust its eyes, so she took them out, much to Penn's uneasiness. Once Sashi leaves, Penn used his MUHU to call his parents Brock and Vonnie and wish them Merry Christmas Eve. When they were too busy to answer and asked him to leave a message, he attempted to, but the MUHU started glitching and he was unable to finish.

Walking downstairs, Penn found that Uncle Chuck and Aunt Rose had made a panorama out of pigeon eggs. He then was disgusted as he watched the chinchilla chew up the sculpted Santa head, spitted back out, and placed it back on the panorama. Boone suddenly appeared with a spoon and scooped up some eggs as Sashi walked in. Talking with his mouth full, Boone mentioned that he would be bummed if tomarrow would be the first Christmas without his parents, who were trapped in a lost dimension. He soon realized that it was Penn's exact situation. Sashi face palmed herself right before Uncle Chuck declared an eggball fight.

Some time later, Boone trying to cheer his friend up, brought Penn to his skateboard sleds. Noting there was only two, Sashi asked where's her. Boone supposedly made a roller-skate ski, but the design was flawed during testing. He started telling the story of what happened. At the end, Penn asked Boone if he just he forgot to make Sashi one. Boone admitted it, without denying any part of it. Penn could tell that his friends were trying to make him feel better but he assured them that he'll be okay, claiming he would avoid Christmas. They got on the skateboard sleds and rode off to The Odyssey. Along the way, Sashi, wanting to help Penn, commanded an elderly man to shave off his "Santa beard."

As they arrived in front of the Odyssey, they spot Rippen and Larry walking into Fish Stick on a Stick. Penn smiled slyly at Rippen while he returned it with a scowl. The trio walked into the Odyssey.

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Major characters

Minor characters


  • This is the first "tent pole" of four important double-length episodes that "dig a bit deeper and tell a bigger story,"[1] of the first season.
  • Emmy Award-winner Henry Winkler (“Happy Days,” “Childrens Hospital”) guest stars as the Snowman.
  • The episode was released early on the WATCH Disney XD app on December 1, 2014.
  • The title is a reference to the 2013 action-thriller film White House Down.
  • The scene where Penn, Sashi, and Boone find the Snowman's head in a box is a reference to the 1995 horror film Se7en.
  • This episode was nominated for a Golden Reel award in the category of TV animation audio.[2]
  • As this episode chronologically occurs after "Zap One", this episode features the first time the main characters revisit a dimension, Knight World.
    • However, this isn't the first episode in the series' airing order that has a dimension seen for the second time, "I'm Still Super!" being the first episode to do so for "I'm Super!".

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International premieres

  • December 13, 2014 (Canada)
  • July 1, 2015 (Israel)
  • July 31, 2015 (Latin America and Brazil)
  • September 7, 2015 (EMEA)
  • December 13, 2015 (Southeast Asia)


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