Plush Toy World
Type: Dimension
First episode: "Baby-Pocalypse"
Appearances: 3

Plush Toy World is a dimension with stuffed animals and giant babies/toddlers. It appears in "Baby-Pocalypse".


First Mission ("Baby Pocolypse")

When Mayor Pink Panda is kidnapped by two giant babies (Rippen and Larry), the team needs to find a way to save her before she's torn apart and her village succumbs to chaos. They soon realize that they can't fight the villains head on so they try to use their baby instincts against them. They try distracting them with a giant rattle, feeding them, and they very briefly consider changing their diapers but thought better of it. Back in town, the plush toy civilization is breaking down without the mayor to approve the budget. Sanitation and police service completely stop leading to the city drowning in garbage and law no longer being enforced. Which was Rippen's plan hoping they would eventually be desperate enough to accept his leadership. The trio successfully save the mayor, but Rippen and Larry follow them back to the village. Penn then leads the townsfolk in giving a giant bear hug, calming the giant babies and allowing the plushies to trap them in a giant play pen.

Second Mission ("The Chinchilla")

The team have to save the kidnapped town plushies by sundown tomorrow or the town charter will be revoke, and the quilted city will be no longer be consider.


  • Dog plushy (replaced by Penn)
  • Ape plushy (replaced by Boone)
  • Bunny plushy (replaced by Sashi)
  • Two giant babies (toddlers) (replaced by Rippen and Larry)
  • Mayor Pink Panda
  • Dr. Hissy
  • Dr. Hissy's assistant bear
  • Little giraffe plushy
  • Rubber duck
  • Multiple bear and elephant plushies


  • The Village: a quilted town
    • Hospital: the village's hospital where Dr. Hissy works.
  • Forest: the land outside of the village.


Season 1

Season 2