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Sheriff Scaley Briggs
Sheriff Scaley Briggs
Production Information
First episode: "The Old Old West"
Latest episode: "At the End of the Worlds"
Voiced by: Beau Bridges
Character Information
Other names: Sheriff Scaley Jebediah Harland Winifred Josephina Briggs
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Sheriff of Big Butte
Residence: Big Butte, Dinosaur Cowboy World
Relatives: Amber (Daughter)
Friends: Penn Zero
Boone Wiseman
Sashi Kobayashi
Enemies: Rippen

Sheriff Scaley Briggs is the sheriff of Big Butte in Dinosaur Cowboy World.


Sheriff Scaley Briggs is tall with straight gray hair and green eyes. He wears a brown cowboy hat with a yellow band that has dinosaur bones attached to it and a hole. He wears a red bandana tied around his neck, a blue flannel shirt, and a brown dinosaur scale vest with a gold sheriff star attached. Also, he wears brown gloves, a brown belt that has a pouch to hold his slingshot, black pants, and brown cowboy boots.


Sheriff Scaley Briggs is old and rough, being very serious, like insisting he be called his full name, and desiring to protect others. Though worn, he longs to prove himself to his town that despite his age, he still is a capable sheriff. While prone to falling asleep and getting confused, he has his tricks and knows how to fool others when needed be.


  • Sheriff Scaley Briggs finds it hard to distinguish good guys from bad guys since black hats started getting sold to the general public, like mistaking Penn to be a villain for wearing one.
  • Despite being alive he sleeps in a coffin, probably because it's the cheapest bed he could afford.
  • He does not understand basic math.


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