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Superhero World
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Type: Dimension
First episode: "I'm Super!"
Latest episode: "Save the Worlds"
Appearances: 3

Superhero World is a dimension where everyone is a superhero. It appears in "I'm Super!" and "I'm Still Super!".


I'm Super

The team must stop Rippen's secret weapon that he plans to use on Megasupertropolis.

I'm Still Super!

The team returns to stop Professor Evil Professor, who is evil a medallion to turn the residents of Megasupertropolis evil.


  • Superhero with flight, super strength, laser vision and a great wink (replaced by Penn)
  • Superhero with mind-reading powers (replaced by Boone)
  • Skunk Woman (replaced by Sashi)
  • Evil villain with robot suit (replaced by Rippen)
  • Human parasite villain (replaced by Larry)
  • Captain Super Captain
  • Professor Evil Professor
  • Giant Old Lady
  • Speedster
  • Super dog
  • Shelly
  • Flying construction workers
  • Spatula repairman
  • Hot dog seller
  • Super police
  • Little kid


  • Megasupertropolis: a city full of superheroes.


Season 1


  • This world is one of the dimensions Penn is most excited to go to.
  • This is the first world that the team visits twice.
    • However, if the events in the flashback in the episode "Zap One" are counted, then it is the second world that's visited twice.