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The Odyssey
Type: Movie theater
Owner: Phyllis
First episode: "North Pole Down"
Latest episode: "At the End of the Worlds"

The Odyssey is an abandoned movie theater next to Fish Stick on a Stick in Middleburg that holds the Multi Universe Transprojector for the part-time heroes.

It is destroyed in At the End of the Worlds along with Fish Stick on a Stick.



Season 1


  • The words on the marquee board above the entrance change depending on the mission/episode.
  • The Odyssey is named after the epic Greek poem by Homer about the journey home of the Greek hero Odysseus.
    • The two rectangular sides of the front of the Odyssey include images depicting characters and scenes from the poem
  • In "The Ripple Effect", Boone reveals that Phyllis gave him a key to it, explaining that Phyllis considers him the most responsible.
  • According to Sam Levine, Phyllis lives there, just above the lobby in the second floor.