Vonnie Zero
Vonnie Zero
Production Information
First episode: "North Pole Down"
Latest episode: "At the End of the Worlds"
Voiced by: Lea Thompson
Character Information
Full name: Yvonne Zero
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Part-time hero
Residence: Most Dangerous World Imaginable
Middleburg (formerly)
Relatives: Brock Zero (husband)
Penn Zero (son)
Chuck (brother-in-law)
Rose (sister-in-law)
Friends: Phyllis
Enemies: Rippen
Yvonne "Vonnie" Zero[1] is Penn Zero's mom, Brock Zero's wife, and a former part-time hero.

Before the events of the series, she and Brock worked as part-time heroes with Phyllis and Wendy Wiseman, battling against Rippen, who eventually trapped her and Brock in the "Most Dangerous World Imaginable" dimension.[2]


Vonnie is at an average height with short, curly dark red hair and amber eyes. She wears blue glasses and dark pink lipstick. She also wears a mint green shirt underneath a dark brown windbreaker jacket, dark blue jeans, and black high heel shoes.


Vonnie is courageous and caring. When facing threats, she is bold, not showing any fear and being a capable fighter. While passionate and ferocious when dealing with foes, she is very kind and loving. She shows a lot of love and support towards her husband and her son, and she is friendly toward others, including Penn's friends. She is prone to unintentionally embarrassing Penn, however. She is calmer and more rational than Brock at times, but she still is very warm and open to others.


Brock Zero

Vonnie loves her husband, and both work together as a great, skilled team. In "The Most Dangerous World Imaginable", it's revealed that he brings her daisies every year on their anniversary, and she also proves willing to fight a Giant Chicken Monster to save him.

Penn Zero

Loving her son, Vonnie enjoys hanging out with him (or getting to talk to him via MUHU after getting trapped) and giving him advice. Not wanting Penn to worry about being a part-time hero for most of his childhood, she and Brock kept their legacy a secret until the time was right. She unknowingly reveals embarrassing information about him to his friends. While knowing that Penn is in good hands and excelling as a part-time hero, she misses him and hopes to reunite with him soon, along with hoping that nothing bad happens to him.


Vonnie and Phyllis get along well, having worked together for a long time. Phyllis is searching for her and Brock in the multiverse.

Sashi and Boone

Vonnie likes Sashi and Boone, calling them with Penn her "little superstar trio" in "The Old Old West". She seemed somewhat aware of Penn and Sashi's feelings for one another, advising Sashi to "tell Penn he's handsome" at one point.


Vonnie doesn't like Rippen, who trapped her and Brock in "Zap One" and nearly killed or trapped his son on a few occasions. She is clever when dealing with him, however, by crying in order to make him laugh and revert back to Penn before the time runs out in "Rip-Penn".


Season 1

Season 2


  • Vonnie is considered to be one of the greatest part-time heroes of all time.[3]
  • Vonnie passed on her curly red hair to Penn.
  • In "Rip-Penn", it is first revealed that she and Brock knew Rippen. "Zap One" later reveals that Rippen was the cause of them getting trapped, although it was not revealed how until "Mr. Rippen".


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